On Tuesday, just a few days after Phil Jackson's good friend wrote an article that was critical about Carmelo Anthony, the 32-year-old forward sat down for a meeting with the Knicks' president where Jackson reportedly straight up asked him if he wanted to remain on the Knicks for the rest of his two-year contract. Depending on the source you want to believe the meeting was either contentious...:

...or calm:

Anthony has repeatedly stated that he wants to stay with the Knicks during his often polarizing tenure in NYC. However, he also expressed annoyance when he was asked about the contents of the aforementioned column, which suggests he no longer has value for the franchise. "If that's the case, if that's where it's coming from, that side, I guess it's a conversation we should have,'' Anthony said on Sunday. "If they feel my time in New York is over, I guess that's a conversation we should have."

ESPN's Ramona Shelburne also stated that Carmelo and Phil didn't discuss any potential teams to send him to during their Tuesday meeting, and that each side left the sitdown to process all the info that was exchanged before Anthony answers whether he wants to stay in NYC or go elsewhere. This is not the type of story that leaks out during a successful season. Which is to say that--not surprisingly--it continues to rain shit upon the Knicks who, following Monday afternoon's 108-107 loss to Atlanta, have now lost 11 of their last 13 games.