While they're on the field, pitch, court, or diamond, professional athletes are the epitome of focus and discipline. One slight mistake could mean the evaporation of their dreams and their paycheck. So you would think these guys would know how to pull off the relatively simple task of getting dressed, right? 

Turns out that the world of sports is rife with guys totally messing up the act of looking presentable. In a world literally full of uniforms and standards, a lot of these awful fails occur when athletes try to express themselves however they can and end up going way overboard. As fans, we can only root for and/or jeer these utter style fails of our favorite players and revel in the fact that yes, we are better at some things than these otherwise Herculean specimens. From the worst off-field outfits to the most bizarre facial hair, these are The Biggest Athlete Style Fails.

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