Up until now, outside of Steve Kerr and Charles Barkley, not many people of note have decided to respond to LaVar Ball—the outspoken ultimate pain in the ass sports dad who should probably just take a cue from Marshawn Lynch's media approach—probably because Ball's claims are so laughable that there's little reason to care.

For example, you didn't see Michael Jordan set the record straight on Ball's outlandish claim that he would beat MJ in his prime because:

A.) It's way, way beneath him.
Or B.) He doesn't know who LaVar Ball is.

However, on Tuesday, the sport's biggest name finally opted to respond to the sport's biggest loudmouth by telling him, in no uncertain terms, to not bring up his kids again.

"Keep my kids' names out of your mouth," LeBron James said to ESPN about LaVar. "Keep my family out of your mouth. This is dad to dad. It's a problem now (...) He can talk all about his brand, talk about his sons, talk about basketball, talk about me. But keep my family out of this."

LeBron's comments came after LaVar stated, earlier in March, that his kids were better setup for success than LeBron's 12 and 9-year-old sons.

"It's going to be hard for [LeBron's] kids because they are going to look at them like, 'You got to be just like your dad,'" LaVar stated to Chris Broussard this month. "And after a while, that pressure starts sitting on you like, 'Why do I got to be just like him? What can't I just be me?' And then they are going to be like, 'Aw, you're soft, you're not that good.' Because the expectation is very, very high."

Still, despite the stern warning to his dad, LeBron actually had some nice things to about Lonzo Ball, the standout UCLA freshman who's expected to go in the first few picks during this year's draft. "I actually like his son. I like his game," James reportedly said.

If nothing else, this LaVar guy's giving us lots of good storylines.