Is persistence really the key to success as the internet would lead you to believe? Joel Embiid is going to find out one of these days.

It’s been almost three years now since he decided to shoot his shot with Rihanna for the first time. Back in July 2014, he announced that he was going to pursue Rih Rih after he discovered that his former celebrity crush Kim Kardashian was married.

And he’s been in hot pursuit ever since. He’s tried to get Rihanna’s attention by celebrating wins with her memes, wishing her a happy birthday, and even joking about taking her on dates. But so far, it doesn’t seem like the pop singer has been receptive to his advances (outside of that one magical like on a tweet!). According to Embiid himself, he’s going to need to become an NBA All-Star before he’s able to land a real date with Rihanna.

But apparently, that isn’t going to stop him from letting her know how he feels. On Sunday night, TMZ Sports caught Embiid out in Los Angeles, and while he didn’t have much to say about Rihanna when they first asked him about her, he switched up his tune a short time later and and sent her a very straightforward message.

"Hey, Rihanna, I love you," he said. "I love you, Rihanna. Call on me, man. Hit me up. I love you."

You can watch here:

Will this earn a response from Rihanna? Unlikely. But Embiid is nothing if not persistent! Keep at it, dude, and she’s going to have to hit you up at some point, right?