It's been awhile since we've covered anything that Joel Embiid has said or done on social media. He was on fire this past summer, making headlines for doing something ridiculous on Twitter almost every other day. But he's been fairly quiet since the start of the 2014-15 NBA season.

Embiid let loose last night after the 76ers earned their first win of the year against the Timberwolves, though. And he celebrated on Twitter by posting—what else?—a couple of Rihanna memes:

And he didn't stop there, either. He also posted this photo of him doing the "Shmoney Dance," too:

It's nice to see the 76ers celebrating for once. It won't happen often this season but, when it does, you can probably count on more Rihanna memes and dancing Vines from Embiid.

[via Black Sports Online]