Joel Embiid is an NBA rookie with high hopes and dreams...for female companionship. He may not be the man (yet?), but he has a thing for A-List celebrities. After finding out that his first crush, Kim Kardashian, happens to be married to one of the biggest pop culture stars in America (Kanye West), Embiid set his sights on Rihanna. The two have a far closer age difference and Rihanna isn't married, so maybe give credit to Embiid for being more realistic. Imagine the tabloid pandemonium: Kim Kardashian Leaves West, Searches for Affection in 20-Year-Old Embiid.

Anyway, at least the attention Embiid is giving her isn't being unreciprocated. After seeing her on his Twitter avatar, Rihanna decided to follow the rookie and even favored a d'aww/yikes moment tweet.

Family dinner with @rihanna #Johanna

— Joel-Hans Embiid (@JoelEmbiid) July 25, 2014

Well good for you, Embiid! Hopefully, he gives her some inspiration to make some new music. Because it's been a while since "Pour It Up," and how much longer can folks hold out without a Rihanna anthem? The future of a nation rests on you, Embiid.

[via SB Nation]