On Sunday morning, Patriots defensive end Chandler Jones was taken to a hospital in Massachusetts after he reportedly smoked synthetic marijuana and then showed up at a police station near his home shirtless and confused. Jones refused to speak about the incident with reporters yesterday, but many credible news outlets have run with the synthetic weed story, and based on their reports, it seems as though synthetic weed did play some role in what happened to Jones.

Former NFL player Cris Carter (the king of "bapping"!) isn’t buying it. During an appearance on ESPN’s Mike & Mike in the Morning today, Carter said that he doesn’t think Jones was smoking synthetic weed prior to his trip to the hospital. Rather, he thinks that he may have been smoking marijuana laced with PCP, even though it’s pretty clear that he’s purely speculating on it.

“I think that the synthetic marijuana story might be just a story,” he said. “Just for me, it don’t pass the smell test for me. To me, I think that—I think he was smoking marijuana, and I think he was smoking some marijuana laced with PCP, or angel dust. And I think that’s what made him trip out. Now, he could have been smoking synthetic, but it’s a better story—it’s a better story to tell. ‘That’s the reason I’m here.’ So when he got to the police station, why was he smelling like marijuana? Because synthetic doesn’t smell like marijuana. So for me, I don’t know all the details of the case, but I’m just a little—uh, the synthetic, that’s a better way to put it.”

It seems you should “know all the details of the case” before making an accusation like that, no?

Carter continued by somehow bringing Aaron Hernandez into the conversation and making a connection between Jones’ behavior and Hernandez’s behavior, seeing as how Hernandez was allegedly a heavy PCP user prior to his arrest on murder charges.

“If you look at—this is not the same thing, so don’t freak out on me, people—but Aaron Hernandez, if you look at what was some of the things they started looking at with him," he said. "At the end, he was smoking marijuana laced with PCP. And that’s when the people around him said you can start to see, it started making a difference in his decision making. So did he have that? No. I’m just trying to tell you what I believe could be the end result, because that’s what happens.”

As you would imagine, Carter’s speculation didn’t go over well. After he shared his Chandler Jones/PCP theory, many people called him out for it on Twitter:

Check out the clip at the top to see Carter’s explanation for what he thinks happened with Jones.

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[via Pro Football Talk]