From LeBron James to Nick Young, lots of athletes have worked the dab into their celebrations in recent weeks. But the dance is enjoying the national spotlight right now thanks to Cam Newton, who dabbed all over the end zone during a game against the Titans on Sunday. It got some people, including this mom, really fired up.

With all of the debate over Newton’s dancing circulating, ESPN’s Mike & Mike in the Morning show took a few moments to address it earlier today. And Cris Carter took it upon himself to explain what dabbing is to the ESPN viewers. Just one problem: He repeatedly referred to it as “bapping” during his explanation:


Twitter destroyed him for it and rightfully so:

Carter is less than a week away from turning 50, so you can’t really blame him for being so out of touch when it comes to stuff like this. But did he have to talk about “bapping” so confidently? C'MON, MAN!

If you want a real lesson on the dab, go here.

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