Chandler Jones spoke very briefly with reporters on Thursday. He didn't have much to say and didn't get into the specifics about what happened on Sunday. But he did say this:


The Foxborough Police Department released a report regarding the incident involving Chandler Jones today that sheds some more light on what happened on Sunday morning.

According to the report, Jones was looking for “help and assistance” when he showed up at the FPD station Sunday morning. The report confirms that Jones was “shirtless,” which is something that was previously reported, and also notes that Jones was “actively worshipping or praying” in front of the station. The report states that Jones told police officers that he had “been told” to come to the station but didn’t indicate who had told him to do it.

Jones was not armed at the station and did not have any drugs on him. However, when police took him to see paramedics shortly after he arrived at the station, he told them that he had forgotten his keys at his house nearby. One police officer went to retrieve them and, upon entering Jones’ home, he detected the smell of marijuana. Previous reports have suggested Jones may have used synthetic marijuana before the incident.

At this time, Jones has not been charged with any crimes in connection with the incident.

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Early Sunday morning, Patriots player Chandler Jones was admitted to a hospital in Foxborough, Mass. after he reportedly showed up at a police station near his home with some sort of medical emergency. It’s unclear why he was taken to the hospital at this point, but the Patriots did acknowledge that Jones was admitted and released on Sunday in a statement that was put out last night. They also noted that Jones was at practice on Monday and that he has taken part in all team meetings since being treated at the hospital:

Outside of that, there are no other details about Jones’ condition or his medical emergency available at this time. Because Jones was not arrested for anything, the Foxborough Police Department has refused to offer up any information about Jones’ condition on Sunday and, when they were initially contacted about it by the Boston Herald, Foxborough Police Chief Edward T. O’Leary—who, it should be noted, is in charge of security for Gillette Stadium—denied that Jones had even been at the police station on Sunday morning. Dispatch records proved otherwise, though, and the Herald is reporting that those records were altered after the newspaper contacted O'Leary.

In audio released by the website Heavy.com, you can hear police talking about encountering a “confused” Jones at the station. The audio also reveals that police were dispatched to Jones' home to try and figure out what might be wrong with him:

There is now a lot of speculation about what the Foxborough Police Department knows about Jones' medical emergency—and what information they might be choosing to withhold. As a result of Police Chief O'Leary's close connection with the Patriots, there is even some speculation about the possibility of a cover-up taking place with regards to Jones (there have also been several unsubstantiated rumors about what may have happened).

Stay tuned for more information concerning this story. With the Patriots preparing to play the Chiefs this weekend, it’s something that Bill Belichick and Patriots players are obviously going to be asked about throughout the week.

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