The bad news just keeps on piling up for former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez. Currently behind bars as he waits to be put on trial for his alleged role in the murder of Odin Lloyd, Hernandez is the subject of an upcoming story for Rolling Stone magazine written by contributing editor Paul Solotaroff titled, "The Gangster in the Huddle." Today, the magazine revealed a few notable tidbits that we can expect to hear more about when the story is released. Among them is the fact that Hernandez was "heavy user" of PCP, and had gotten so paranoid in the last year that he was known to carry a gun with him wherever he went. 

On top of this, Solotaroff also mentions that Hernandez had cut himself off from his family and teammates and only hung out with a "cohort of gangsters." New England head coach Bill Belichick was reportedly very close to cutting Hernandez because of absences from team practices and numerous "thug-life stunts." Solotaroff also goes on to claim that former Florida Gators head coach Urban Meyer helped Hernandez cover up two failed drug tests, as well as a drive-by shooting and an incident of assault, during his time in Gainesville. 

Wow. Well this story just got real deep, real fast. If there's an issue of Rolling Stone that you should definitely be picking up in 2013, it sounds like this is the one. 

[via Rolling Stone]