Date of homecoming9/11/1994
New team: Kansas City Chiefs
Former team: San Francisco 49ers
What transpiredSteve Young establishes himself as a solid quarterback while Joe Montana struggles with injury. The 49ers had to choose between which should be the started and chose Young, who would lead San Francisco to its fifth Super Bowl victory in 1994. Montana was traded to the Chiefs.
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Picture how weird it felt when you first saw Peyton Manning wearing that blue and orange instead of that blue and white. Then you get the gist of how it felt when Joe Montana was a Chief. Like Peyton Manning, Montana was the face of his original franchise and led his new team to the playoffs. The two also faced their old teams in their second years with the new franchises, and a lot of folks are predicting that Manning will finish this Sunday the same way as Montana did: With a W.

Montana wasn't only facing his own team in the second week of the 1994 season, he was facing the man who took his job—Steve Young. The legend had no problem scoring the prior week with his offense with its 30 points against the Saints. It was a similiar case that Sunday in what was dubbed the Vindication Bowl as Montana threw for two touchdowns in Kansas City's win. Young threw two interceptions to give the living-in-Montana's-shadow criticism more bite...until he led the 49ers to a Super Bowl victory that year.

Also, isn't it weird how history repeats itself? Alex Smith also got squeezed out of the 49ers because of the rise of a backup quarterback and is now with the Chiefs (see: Colin Kaepernick).