As we reported earlier, the Magic and Dwight Howard are going through another fallout wherein the 6-time All-Star center is demanding a trade to the Brooklyn Nets and threatening to take his situation up with the NBA Players Union if he doesn't get his way. Now, with the Orlando front office actively searching for a place to deal Dwight, those individuals within the organization are coming out and supporting the team's efforts to move D12. According to Alex Kennedy of Hoops World:

"Several teammates are hoping for his departure as well. Toward the end of last season, Howard came close to a physical altercation with teammate Jameer Nelson at the Magic’s practice facility. Howard was sidelined with a back injury at the time, but nearly came to blows with Nelson for unknown reasons, according to sources. The two players had to be separated."


There is no denying that when Howard steps onto the court, there are few centers in the game right now as dominant as him. But if you're a part of the Nets front office, does the potential, future off-the-court headaches outweigh his supreme talent at this point? Decisions, decisions.  

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[via Hoops World]