Remember the time back in 2002 when Allen Iverson—then a member of the Philadelphia 76ers—got up in front of a bunch of reporters and delivered his now-infamous "Practice?!" rant? Of course you do. It's one of the best press conference moments in sports history. But did you know that it was actually inspired by another NBA player?

On FOX Sports 1's FOX Sports Live last night, a panel discussed Iverson's plan to retire from the NBA soon. And during the discussion, Gary Payton chimed in and revealed that he was the one who talked to Iverson in the summer of 2001 about practicing less. It seems the two players were out having a few drinks one night when Iverson asked Payton how he was able to keep himself in such good shape for so many years. And Payton told him that practicing less was the key to success.

Watch Payton talk about it below.

Thanks, Gary! Your advice helped provide a sound byte for the ages.

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[via Larry Brown Sports]