Roger Clemens is such an egomaniac that he requested a $22M contract (Oh, he's No. 22? How cute!), worked a stipulation into his that contract that allowed him to skip road trips, and finished that season with a 6-6 record and 4.18 ERA. Want to know how big a jackass Roger Clemens is? That moment didn't make this list.

Clemens is the kind of self-aggrandizing, narcissistic athlete that's almost mythical. He's the class bully, high school quarterback, and prom king all rolled into one menacing flame thrower. That combination is especially frightening when you're standing in the batters box and he's staring you down, barrel chested and peaking on crocodile steroids. Ask Mike Piazza.

Roger Clemens. The misplaced bravado of a world class athlete. The entitlement of a multimillionaire. The crippling insecurity that goes with having erectile dysfunction. Here are his 10 Most Jackass Moments.

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