Record: 1 - 0
Last Week's Rank: N/A
Last Week's Results: W @ Packers 30 - 22
This Week: vs. Lions, 8:20 Sunday

The 49ers were the pride of the NFC West last season, and they're looking to keep that trend going after an impressive win over the Packers on Sunday. Alex Smith and the gang went up to Lambeau Field and broke an 8-game losing streak going back to 1990 in Green Bay. Smith picked the Packers defense apart completing 20 of his 26 passes for 211 yards and two touchdowns, and finished the game with a 125.6 quarterback rating.

Frank Gore contributed by running in a 23-yard TD. But who can forget about kicker David Akers tied an NFL record with his 63-yard field goal? So, you have Alex Smith looking like a solid QB, Frank Gore being Frank Gore, and a kicker with a leg that can put one through the uprights from 60+ yards out in Akers. Week 2 looks like it may be a tough one for Detroit. —David Whitely