Everybody knows that the United States has the best Olympic basketball teams in the world (except when the Russians cheat (see 1972), or when Bimbo Coles and Stephon Marbury are on the team (see 1988 and 2004)). But the U.S. is a big place and it's the home of the sport, so it's got a natural advantage. Of course the U.S., population 311 million should beat Tunisia, population 10.6 million. But what if individual American cities and states fielded their own teams? How would North Carolina, population 9.7 million, or Dallas, 1.2 million?

That's the question we asked when we (virtually) assembled all-star teams from a variety of U.S. cities and states. Could your hometown or state compete on the international level? Find out with our thoroughly unscientific look at Which American City (or State) Could Field the Best Team of Homegrown Players...

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