It's not entirely clear who said it first, but at some point, somebody pointed out that there's a reptilian quality to Chris Bosh's face. All of which is to say: We weren't the first to notice it. But now that you mention it, yes, Chris does look a little like a dinosaur. And this is...something to be ashamed of? FOH.

Dinosaurs are the universal obsession of kids the world over. If you had told the 5-year-old us that we could grow up to look like a velociraptor, we guaran-goddamn-tee you we would've signed up for that quicker than you can say pixie sticks. So Chris looks like one of the great beasts that used to roam the earth swooping around and wrecking all manner of shop before becoming extinct in a giant blaze of glory, and he's supposed to be embarrassed about it? Get.Thefuck.Offme.