Date: 12/26/1919
Your team's rivalry is cool and all, but it doesn't compare to the feud that the Yankees and Red Sox have had brewing since the early 1900s. It all started when Babe Ruth demanded a raise in salary to $20,000. A paltry number when you consider how much athletes earn these days, but then-Sox owner Harry Frazee grew frustrated with the Babe's request and traded him to the Yanks for $125,000 cash, three $25,000 notes a year and a $300,000 loan. Since that momentous day, depending on who you ask, the Curse of the Bambino kicked in and Boston didn't win another championship for 86 years. Since breaking the curse in 2004, the Red Sox have won another chip but they sure got a lot of catching up to do if they want to reach 27 anytime soon.