The Yankees cap is the most beloved, hated, and recognizable piece of sports apparel in the world. In hundreds of countries across the globe, the hat can be seen on everyone ranging from those who are devout Yankees fans to those who don't even know the team associated with the famous interlocking "NY."

Twenty-one years ago today, Nelson Mandela made an appearance at Yankee Stadium while on a campaign to end apartheid in South Africa and donned a Yankees cap, declaring: “I am a Yankee.” But the South African prisoner and eventual president is just one pop culture figure to catch attention while wearing the Yankees hat. From Jay-Z to Justin Bieber to even Tom Brady, many celebs (and even criminals) have caused a stir with their choice to wear the popular lid. So, in honor of Mandela's fashion statement twenty-one years ago today, here is The Pop Culture History of the Yankees Cap...

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