Sport: MMA
Bonafides From 2002-2012: Former UFC Heavyweight and Light Heavyweight Champion, 9-7-0 (3 KOs, 3 Submissions)
This dude is old. How old? He turns 50 next year. But age is just a number, and we suggest you have numbers (at least 50) if you ever decide to mess with Randy Couture. Already an MMA legend when the Complex Decade kicked off, Couture continued to kick ass well into the '00s, picking up the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship in 2003, and, after a 12-month retirement, the Heavyweight 'chip (for a third time) in 2007. He's retired for now (having your orbital bone fractured becomes significantly less fun with age), but if there's one man in the world who could step into the octagon and bash the living shit out of men half his age, this is him.