If a sneaker doesn’t resell for a ton of money, does it even matter? That’s a really dumb question, but sadly that’s the way a lot of people think these days. If a shoe is a brick or lacking resale value, then it will get derided. If it goes for over $1,000, it’s instantly a grail. Neither of those statements are absolute, but it’s common thinking for today’s sneaker consumers.

Expensive items have fascinated people since the dawn of time, and sneakers are no different. People will wear something and people will ask, “How much do those go for?” We’re guilty of that, too. And often, some of the best sneakers resell for the most, so it’s interesting to look at.

To tabulate the most expensive sneakers this year, we went to StockX and ranked shoes by their highest average sale. We threw out things that didn’t really feel like sneakers or shoes that had multiple colorways, a la the Louis Vuitton Air Force 1s. We also didn’t count the one-offs that had one or two sales that seemed like outliers. 

As with any market, prices fluctuate. All these numbers were taken a week ago, so don’t hold it against us if they’ve gone up or down slightly since then. With that being said, here are the most expensive shoes of the year so far.