Michael Jordan the man was a distant idea for much of the past decade. For a good chunk of that time he was a meme, a crying head jpeg to be spliced into an infinite number of appropriate situations. People who remember watching him actually play basketball lamented in the same span that, to kids today, he's merely a guy who sells sneakers. The line of thinking went that kids buying his retros might not have any idea what he actually did or why they're important. In 2020, that all changed. Michael Jordan the basketball player came back.

No, he didn't emerge from retirement for a fourth time. Rather, his career of dominance came back via The Last Dance, an ESPN series chronicling Jordan's final season with the Chicago Bulls. And you can't have Jordan without Jordans—his return to primetime meant a renewed interest on his sneakers, primarily via the resell market, where prices on old pairs crept up as they appeared in the series. They had to fight through a retail environment slowed by the novel coronavirus, but 2020 has already seen a number of impressive Air Jordan releases. Jordan is back, although, Jordans never went anywhere. These are the 10 best Air Jordans of 2020 (so far).