P.J. Tucker Reveals the Best Sneakers He Wore This NBA Season

P.J. Tucker is the sneaker king of the NBA and he revealed to Complex the best sneakers he word during the 2018-19 NBA season.

PJ Tucker

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PJ Tucker

P.J. Tucker is the sneaker king of the NBA—there is essentially no denying that. From friends and family versions of elusive collaborations, to Jordan Brand PEs that even catch Michael Jordan’s attention, the Rockets wing’s footwear is a story worth following on a nightly basis.

While Tucker feels that crowning an official sneaker king of the Association is far from necessary, he does put more than just a little bit of effort into choosing each night’s shoe.

“I pack my shoe bag filled with 16-18 pairs of shoes,” Tucker said. “And when I find out what color we’re wearing, I kind of just roll out from there. I always try to pull out something cool or city-related.”

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With a top-tier Jordan Brand signature athlete like Chris Paul as his teammate, it can be tough for Tucker to “turn heads” in the locker room, but dedication, the occasional finesse, and countless connections, Tucker manages to make a statement.

“I am the finesse king, especially when it comes to shoes,” Tucker said in reference to an upcoming Foot Locker commercial he stars in. As far as catching the eye of his teammates, being early with highly-anticipated collabs gets the job done. “When I pulled [the “Orange Pulse” Nike Air Fear Of God 1s] out, my teammates went crazy.”

With the chaos that is the NBA off-season officially underway, Tucker gave us his picks for the best sneakers he wore throughout the 2018-19 season.

Nike LeBron VI 'Stewie Griffin'

Nike LeBron 6 'Stewie'

Nike Hyperdunk X Low

Nike Hyperdunk X Low

Nike LeBron III 'Glow in the Dark'

Nike LeBron 3 'GITD'

Nike Air Fear of God I

Nike Air Fear of God 1

Jerry Lorenzo’s Nike Air Fear Of God I is one of the most noteworthy Swoosh collabs in recent memory. First and foremost, its heralded designer entered rarified collaborative air by creating his very own silhouette as opposed to just a new colorway. Tucker was all over the rollout of the FOG I. In the early stages of the NBA season, he actually debuted the black colorway of the sneaker on-court against the Brooklyn Nets on November 2nd, proving that the hoops-inspired design was indeed a formidable piece of basketball footwear. Beyond that, Tucker was on team early when it came to the head-turning and summer-ready “Orange Pulse” colorway as well as the “Light Bone” version.

Nike Air Fear of God 1 'Orange Pulse'

Trophy Room x Air Jordan V 'Friends and Family'

Trophy Room x Air Jordan 5 'F&F'

Undefeated x Nike Kobe IV

UNDFTD x Nike Kobe 4

Aleali May x Air Jordan X

Aleali May x Air Jordan 10