I wanted to go to Michael Jordan’s house. I have a friend who has a successful sneaker blog and he’s also a killer photographer. He was invited to Jordan’s house with several sneaker social media personalities for the Jordan 29 launch. I wanted that. So I came up with the idea to take sneaker photos until it got me noticed. I’ve been developing that skill and passion ever since! A photo that immediately commands a stank face reaction from me is the best. Like, 'Dannng, this shot is just filthy!' Photos that hurt people’s feeling are my favourite. When I see that on social media, I just feel like I need to try for that same effect.

The quarantine has forced me to find different ways to take sneaker photos. I’ve spoken to my sneaker shooter buddies and we just try to find angles we’ve never thought of taking. In terms of the sneaker scene in Canada, I’ve tried to focus on the Canadian boutiques. Attempting to buy locally as much as possible because these shops hold us down and are a big part of our scene. We make up the whole, and if we don’t take care of them after they’ve fought to bring us good product, it’ll hurt us in the long run.

Image via Chris Chiu