Converse Aero Jam

Year: 1993 

Player: Larry Johnson

In the '90s there seemed to be a little more comptetiton throughout the brands for basketball sneakers. Yeah, Nike was king, but Reebok, adidas, Fila, and Converse all had their top-tier kicks that pushed units. In 1992 Converse inked Runnin' Rebel Larry Johnson fresh out of college and hooked him up with a signature kick. The Converse Aero Jam featured REACT Juice in the heel and rear ankle for maximum support so Grandmama could get it in on the court down in the paint. The design was true to the times — the airbrush fade look on the midsole and of course that velcro strap was a must. If Converse didn't sell you on the sneaker alone, the bizarre Grandmama campaign was enough to intrigue consumers and the cameo on "Family Matters" by Larry Johnson didn't hurt.