The Fast & Furious writing room is just throwing things at the wall now. 

On Wednesday, fans got their second look at Fast & Furious 9. Along with getting another taste of Dom Toretto’s villainous brother, Jakob Toretto (played by John Cena), but it also introduced a storyline that’s centered around… high-powered magnets? And if turning a muscle car into a refrigerator ornament wasn’t outlandish enough, Tyrese and Ludacris are apparently taking a makeshift aircraft into outer space (something that has been previously teased). 

It’s safe to say that no one anticipated the Fast & Furious franchise extending for nearly 10 movies. It’s also safe to say that nowhere during this 20-year run did fans expect to see Baby Boy and Skinny Black launch themselves into orbit. What started off as a punk film about an undercover cop trying to stop street racing, DVD player thieves has now morphed into something unrecognizable.

Despite this, fans still gravitate towards the saga and are invested in what Dom and the crew will overcome next. (But, it’s still fun to point out how ridiculous some of the storylines are). 

F9 will hit movie theaters on June 25 and will feature a cameo from Cardi B, who Ludacris recently praised and said “definitely serves as an asset to what’s going on” in the movie. 

You can check out some reactions from fans who’ve peeped the new trailer below.