Created By: Vince Gilligan
Cast: Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, Anna Gunn
Genre: Crime, Drama
Number of Seasons: 5
Rating: TV-MA

Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan famously pitched the show as following a character who goes from Mr. Chips (the beloved teacher character from the 1939 film Goodbye Mr. Chips) to Scarface, and television audiences got that and more. Walter White (Bryan Cranston), a down on his luck chemistry teacher, is suddenly diagnosed with terminal cancer and decides to make a fortune he can leave behind for his family by teaming up with former student Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) to cook meth. What was once a (somewhat) goodhearted mission quickly becomes more and more selfish as Walter tries to become a powerful drug lord. Breaking Bad earned critical acclaim not only for its great lead performance by Cranston, but also for its impressively stressful and intelligent story. Walter and his foes regularly one up each other in surprising and often violent ways, making Breaking Bad an often completely unpredictable show. Breaking Bad has since cemented its status as one of the best TV shows of the past decade by being a great action thriller paced out over five seasons and anchored by a once in a lifetime performance from Cranston.