What did we do before Netflix? Go out and rent videos from Blockbuster or Hollywood Video (RIP)? You actually had to leave the house to go find good films that would keep you glued to your couch. But thankfully, it's 2017 and the world has blessed us with Netflix, the addictive online service inherently designed to make the film rental process ten times quicker and easier than before. Netflix is a shining light amidst the shit show life has become these days; reassurance that everything will be okay. Even though, you could get DVDs mailed (lol) still, it's all about the "Watch Instantly" option. Why should you have to wait for the mailman and have to leave your couch? Just "Watch Instant" your next binge watch. 

That's why it's often so annoying to sift through the Watch Instantly library and learn that the one film you've been dying to see is only available via hard-copy disc. Such constant disappointment (Where is Notting Hill?) has led many to criticize the streaming service as a "slim pickings" letdown, but, truth be told, that reputation isn't fair. Having combed through the site's entire Watch Instantly catalog, we've made wait-less gratification infinitely easier with this list of the Best Movies on Netflix right now. No need to Google new releases on Netflix. Our list is compiled with Oscar rated films, Sundance worthy documentaries, and your typical guilty pleasure romantic comedy.​ Go forth, fellow Netflix Bingers, and get ready to never leave your couch cold again. And once you've binge-watched this whole list, check out the best comedy movies, the best romantic movies, the best horror movies, and the best TV shows streaming on Netflix right now.


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