Director: Rowdy Herrington
Starring: Patrick Swayze, Kelly Lynch, Ben Gazzara

Road House may just be legendary actor Patrick Swayze’s finest hour. This action film follows Dalton (Swayze), a bouncer at the rowdy bar The Double Deuce, as he protects his bar and romances Dr. Clay (Kelly Lynch), which puts him on the bad side of local cutthroat businessman Brad Wesley (Ben Gazzara). Critically lambasted when it came out and nominated for several Golden Raspberries, Road House now has a cult following of fans who cherish its quotable lines and ridiculous, but earnest plot. Swayze and Gazzara give this movie their all, even though they’re hilariously mismatched as action movie nemeses. Road House isn’t for everyone, but if you like action movies that turn cheese into a high art form, you’ll have a blast with it.