Sad but true statement: Life can be a drag. Blame it on the daily routine that's necessary to function as normal, civilized, domesticated, employed human being.

Everyone needs a diversion from the weekday grind, particularly one that adds some excitement, even if it's experienced vicariously. And what better harmless release is there than watching a kick-ass, no-holds-barred action movie?

Whether the film's characters are dodging bullets, driving in high-speed car chases, punching and chopping enemies' faces in while dropping silly one-liners, or bagging the sexy love interest, it's all better than earning money by sitting in a swivel chair for nine hours staring at a computer screen. A 90-plus-minute cinematic adrenaline rush is the perfect way to offset those otherwise familiar and frustratingly robotic days.

The next time life has you down, energize things a bit with any one of the 25 best action movies streaming on Netflix right now. The only drags here involve the bodies of fallen baddies being pulled onto gurneys and into hearses.