As your high school theater teacher always said, there's drama all around us. Most of it's the kind that makes work longer than it needs to be, and keeps your friends from getting along at parties—in other words, the kind you don't want. But in movies, you don't have to actually deal with it, which makes it less of something to avoid, and more of a source of entertainment. Movie drama is great, playing out beautifully, hilariously, and tragically in the 120 or so minutes of a great motion picture. The following films are more than worth the price of admission at any theater in the world, but if you have Netflix, you can stream them for free in the comfort of your own home. 

Swap bad drama for good with the 25 best drama movies streaming on Netflix right now. If none of these movies are up your alley, or if you simply prefer a lighter form of entertainment, check out our list of the Best Comedy Movies Streaming on Netflix Right Now. Maybe you're looking for something more diverse, in which case, you should read our list of The Best Movies on Netflix streaming right now. If all else fails, there's always Netflix's other great asset, which is a fine selection of TV shows, and we've picked out the 50 Best TV Shows Streaming on Netflix Right Now

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