Senator Kamala Harris Made a Wakanda Campaign Ad

Senator Kamala Harris is making a bid for a Wakandan senate seat.

Senator Kamala Harris is ready to leave California for another Senate seat in Wakanda.

Sen. Harris went on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to share her campaign ad for the fictional advanced nation.

"Now that this beautiful nation has decided to embrace the world by coming out of its self-imposed seclusion it would be my honor to represent the people of Wakanda," says Sen. Harris before listing out her qualifications.

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Sen. Harris also promises to keep the precious Wakandan metal, vibranium, within the country's borders no matter how much lobbyists offer her. As a Californian, she already has a plan to repopulate the purple heart-shaped herbs burned by Killmonger with another green leafy "different herb." And depending on the strain, it could probably still take future kings to the ancestral plane.

And of course, she ended it with the Wakandan salute: Wakanda Forever with her arms crossed over her chest. Sounds like a win to us.

Now that an actual senator created this video, we may finally get Donald Trump to respond to a journalist about the United States' relations with Wakanda. It won't help others who already think it's a real country, though.

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