Jimmy Kimmel struck gold on the most recent edition of “Lie Witness News.” Correspondents took to the streets to ask Americans about what’s taking place in Wakanda, the fictitious, futuristic African nation that is the setting for Marvel’s blockbuster hit Black Panther.

“I think we need a strong [military] presence there,” a bystander said, in response to being asked about troops in Wakanda. “I definitely support our troops. So, if they’re in Wakanda, they have a reason to be there.”

A second passerby said that America should resolve issues at home before involving itself with Wakanda, while another believed Wakanda shouldn’t have to share its vibranium, a fictional metal found in the fictional nation.

The correspondent asked another pedestrian about a fake Twitter beef between President Donald Trump and King T’Challa, to which he responded, “Bad publicity is good publicity for some people.”

One of the funniest moments though, was when Kimmel’s reporter asked a bystander if people would be interested in a film about “what’s going on in Wakanda right now.”

“People don’t want to see it. I don’t think so,” she said.

The release of Black Panther has been explosive, to say the least. According to comicbook.com, the movie has the highest-grossing first week in Marvel Cinematic Universe history, and reportedly earned $292 million in North America.