It’s no secret that Donald Trump isn’t a gifted geographer. Even when he knows where somewhere is, he’s ignorant about the people who live there (cc: Trump's recent shithole comments). One writer is taking advantage of Trump's ignorance by challenging journalists to question Donald Trump about Wakanda, the fictional country in Marvel's Black Panther. She’s offering $300 to any journalist up for the task.

Sara Benincasa, the writer offering up the reward, provided a few stipulations for taking on the job. To receive the reward “you must be a journalist who gets both the question and the answer on video.” Benincasa decided to name her challenge #wakandagate. “This is your Frost/Nixon moment my babies,” she encourages.

Others Black Panther fans on Twitter chimed in with their support of Benincasa’s proposition. Hopefully one brave journalist will be up for the task. "Does he have a good relationship with king Jaffe Joffer?" @the305MVP tweeted. "These questions keep me up at night." The people need answers.