Super Bowl 2024 Commercials: This Year's Best Ads, Ranked

Brands spend millions to catch the attention of Super Bowl viewers every year. For 2024, the stakes are as high as ever.

super bowl 2024 press conference pictured
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super bowl 2024 press conference pictured

Sadly, due to a distinct lack of $7 million, I will not be airing my own dazzlingly inane Super Bowl commercial this year. That being said, if anyone reading this has $7 million up for grabs, feel free to go through the usual channels to make an offer.

After all, it’ll likely take at least that much to get one off the ground for 2025, at least according to a recent Deadline-reported figure on this year's offerings. Per Dade Hayes' recent piece on celeb-focused ads for Super Bowl 2024, ads for the Big Game (more like the Biggest Fucking Game Imaginable) were “virtually sold out” as of November of last year, with the price tag on 30-second spots said to be as high as $7 million.

But what can you accomplish, exactly, in such a brief window of visibility? As again evidenced by this year's lineup of star-stacked slices of capitalistic contrivances, it turns out there's still plenty of ways to experiment with the form.

Below, dive deep into the soothing waters of high-stakes advertising with our ranked list of the 12 best Super Bowl ads of 2024. As for the game itself, that's between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs. Usher, meanwhile, is headlining the Apple Music Super Bowl LVIII Halftime Show.


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Video via Homes-dot-com

Lil Wayne appears in this Dan Levy-led spot, fresh off opening up to YG about his hopes of handling halftime duties at next year's Super Bowl in New Orleans.

11. BMW

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Video via BMW

This gem from BMW is a joy from start to finish, complete with a Fatboy Slim-nodding cameo from Usher and a concept built around everyone's fondness for the decades-strong career of Christopher Walken.

10. Verizon

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Video via Verizon

The rumors were true. Beyoncé goes to space, not to mention imagines the possibilities of BeyoncA.I. and launches a run for BOTUS (Beyoncé of the United States), in this spot from Verizon. Minutes after the ad's debut, Beyoncé announced a new album for March.

9. Oikos

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Video via Oikos

Martin Lawrence and Shannon Sharpe make for a winningly hilarious pair in this depiction of yogurt-spurred superstrength.

8. Drumstick

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Video via Drumstick

Eric André finds little in the way of solace from the esteemed Dr. Umstick in this delightfully ridiculous spot.

7. Hellmann's

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Video via Hellmann's

Pete Davidson dates a cat. What more could we ask for from a Super Bowl ad?

6. Oreo

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Video via OREO

This isn't the only commercial this year to prominently feature aliens. However, it is the only one to also feature a cameo from Kris Jenner.

5. Popeyes

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Video via Popeyes

For its first-ever Super Bowl ad, Popeyes turns the camera on its newly launched wings, as well as on a cryogenically frozen man, played by Ken Jeong.

4. Starry

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Video via Starry

Ice Spice recently spoke with Jessica McKinney for Complex about this highlight from the Super Bowl 2024 lineup, which wisely leans into the absurdity. Revisit that conversation here.

3. Dunkin'

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Video via Dunkin

Ben Affleck. Dunkin. It's a proven formula, cranked up to 11 in the latest from the Greater Boston-based coffeemakers. Jennifer Lopez, Matt Damon, Fat Joe, Tom Brady, and Jack Harlow also pop in to urge against the two-time Oscar winner's would-be musical breakthrough.

2. Doritos Dinamita

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Video via Doritos Dinamita

Jenna Ortega and Danny Ramirez star in the charming, heavy-on-the-action commercial that introduces us all to the heroically snack-focused duo of Dina and Mita.

1. Squarespace

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Video via Squarespace

Thankfully, Squarespace has released an extended cut of their “Hello Down There” spot directed by Martin Scorsese. But that’s not enough. It’s hard to watch this one without wishing Scorsese would helm a feature-length aliens story.

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