Rihanna is set to unite the globe this Sunday, complete with some generous opening and closing entertainment from two football teams, with her headlining performance as part of the Apple Music Super Bowl Halftime Show.

But this piece isn’t about that. Instead, we’re going to take an exhaustive look at the haul of Super Bowl commercials that will also play a major role in Sunday’s wall-to-wall lineup. As always, this year’s assortment boasts a slew of familiar faces, each stepping up to hawk various foods and beverages and other brands in some oft-charming, routinely memorable ways. 

Hell, even a notorious (albeit fictional) teacher-turned-meth-lord is getting in on the action this year. In a recent interview with Extra’s Rachel Lindsay on the decision to revive his Breaking Bad character Walter White, Bryan Cranston revealed that this PopCorners endeavor—which also features Aaron Paul reviving Jesse Pinkman—could very well mark the last time fans see the character.

“I’ve had opportunities to bring Walter White back into the milieu twice,” Cranston noted in the interview. “I did it for Aaron’s movie El Camino and then once again for Better Call Saul. We were able to come back. And each time, we think, ‘Well, this is the last time we’re ever going to do this.’ And then PopCorners calls and it was like, ‘Well, we’ll do it one more time and then that’s it.’ So this might be the retiring episode of the Breaking Bad universe.”

Whether you believe Cranston’s assessment or not, get a closer look at this year’s Super Bowl commercials lineup below. Other notable stars featured across this year’s smorgasbord of big game spots include Diddy, Adam Driver, Serena Williams, Danny McBride, and more.