Ben Affleck Clutching a Starbucks Cup in Resurfaced Pic Has People Making Dunkin' Jokes

Ben and Dunkin' go way, way back—including with a recent Ice Spice commercial that debuted during this year's VMAs ceremony.

ben affleck is seen at flash event
Image via Getty/Phillip Faraone
ben affleck is seen at flash event

Few things in this life are as important as reliable, accessible caffeine, making Ben Affleck somewhat of a hero for those of us who reach for coffee first thing in the morning.

Typically, of course, the two-time Oscar winner is associated with the Dunkin' brand when it comes to his energy provider of choice. For example, he and Ice Spice both starred in a MTV Video Music Awards-debuted spot for the Massachusetts-headquartered brand back in September.

But the latest instance of Affleck-centered virality sees the actor/writer/director instead clutching a Starbucks cup. Naturally, social media was quick to run with this photo under the assumption that it was recently taken. However, a quick search reveals that this particular photo is indeed quite old. In fact, it stems from a batch of similar paparazzi-captured images from way back in 2014.

Of course, as soon as someone pointed out that the mid-virality photo was from nearly a decade ago, everyone was quick to halt the misleading claims about the pic's relevance, right? Wrong.

Complex has playfully reached out to Dunkin for comment, albeit with the ulterior motive of the company one day deciding to fund my own caffeine addiction. This story may be updated.

As a director, Affleck's most recent project was the Nike-focused biographical drama Air. Following the film's SXSW premiere, I spoke with Alex Convery about bringing Air Jordan to the big screen, with the screenwriter revealing that he was first inspired to tell this particular story after watching The Last Dance.

"If Ben had gotten this script five years ago, he’s probably not making the movie," Convery said at the time, as seen here. "So much to it is right time, right place. And luck is always the biggest factor in all of this stuff. But the only way you can create your own luck is to put as many screenplays out there as possible and do the best work you feel like you can and the rest is kind of up to fate."

Revisit the full discussion here.

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