Sacha Baron Cohen Wishes 'Who Is America?' Could Have Taken on Alabama Abortion Ban

The one-season experiment isn't possible but roughly "once every dozen years," Cohen explained Wednesday.


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Sacha Baron Cohen's excellent Who Is America, for obvious reasons, will indeed go down as a one-season experiment. Still, Cohen can't help but wish he could continue, particularly in light of recent Republican-driven developments in Alabama.

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter at a For Your Consideration get-together Wednesday night, the star and creator of the quite effective series noted why such a move—or any extension of the series—simply can't work.

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Cohen specifically mentioned this week's passing of a near-total abortion ban in the state. "When something like what happens today and something as reprehensible as that occurs, there is a part of me that wishes that I was undercover and interviewing the men who were passing that bill," he said, adding that doing so was unfortunately "impossible now" due to the nature of the disguise-assisted filming methods. 

"It's the kind of thing you can do once every dozen years," Cohen, whose slate of upcoming projects includes The Trial of the Chicago 7, explained.

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Cohen was able to poke at the consistently nation-baffling Republican infrastructure of Alabama last year, complete with a "pedophile detector" segment with resident oaf Roy Moore. "[The series] was basically for me to just get this anger out of my system," Cohen said Thursday during a Q&A with Sarah Silverman. "So I should really credit Donald Trump as the creator of the show."

Late Wednesday, Alabama Governor Kay Ivey—who's expressed anti-abortion views in the past—signed the oppressive abortion legislation. In a statement announcing the signing, she said some predictable shit about God.

For info on how to help those most affected by such legislation, click here.

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