For the final episode of the inaugural season of Who Is America? on Showtime, star and creator Sacha Baron Cohen was joined by O.J. Simpson, resulting in an interview we probably should have seen coming.

Cohen, in character as purported billionaire goofball Gio Monaldo, introduced Simpson to his girlfriend Christina. In an attempt to get Christina to recognize Simpson, Monaldo cited the Buffalo Bills and the Naked Gun franchise to no avail. However, when Monaldo made a series of stabbing motions, Christina immediately recognized Simpson. 

Monaldo repeatedly joked about killing Christina while giving Simpson high-fives. "Me and you, we've got something in common," Cohen later told Simpson. "We both, how you say, ladykillers."

The set-up for the predictably awkward Simpson encounter was a made-up Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous-esque show, for which Simpson believed he was being interviewed. Sources told Deadline that Cohen's "intention" for the segment was to 'elicit a confession.' Simpson, per their sources, was unaware he was being filmed.

Through his headlines-stacked Who Is America? experiments, Cohen has managed to deeply humiliate—and, in some cases, directly alter the careers of—a multitude of idiots. Previously, he got Republicans to endorse the idea of armed toddlers and subjected Roy Moore to a pedophile detector test.

In a tweet Sunday night, Cohen seemed to confirm that Who Is America? was designed as a single season event.