Today in news of the Fuck Roy Moore Always and Forever variety, we have Sacha Baron Cohen rather easily convincing him to tape a Who Is America? segment in which he's subjected to a pedophile-detecting wand exam.

Right at the top of the interview, which was conducted under the guise of the conversation centering on Israel, Moore quite inaccurately describes the state I was unfortunately born in as one that has always "valued freedom, valued liberty, and appreciated what people went through to get it," which, um…

From there, Cohen turned the discussion to a totally-made-up piece of tech developed by Israel's military. "They have now used [seismic] technology to identify other abnormalities," Cohen, as General Erran Morad, said after a lead-in about a tunnel detection device. "It turns out that sex offenders and particularly pedophiles secrete an enzyme 4DDHT, which is actually detectable. It is three times the level of non-perverts, so the phrase 'sweating like a rapist' is actually based on science."

After explaining the tech's use in schools and elsewhere in helping law enforcement track down pedophiles, Cohen naturally whipped out the wand and did a test on himself and Moore. As you might have guessed, the wand began beeping when waved across the disgraced Alabama Republican's body. Catch the full clip in all its glory up top.

"I was a 14-year-old child trying to play in an adult's world and he was 32 years old," Leigh Corfman, one of several women who have alleged sexual misconduct or assault by Moore, told NBC in November. Moore ultimately lost the Alabama special election or a U.S. Senate seat to Doug Jones, marking the first time a Democrat had bagged a statewide position in 10 years.