Frugal Harvard Employee Accused of Blowing $80,000 in University Funds on LEGO Sets and iPads

The reasonable spender and obvious LEGO fan had been a Harvard employee for 17 years.

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Even in today's supposedly less-than-stellar economy, $80,000 would most certainly go a (very) long way. For some, maybe a modest home in Cleveland (plus several tens of thousands of your own dollars) would absorb the entirety of this theoretical $80,000. For others, maybe a Yeezy Season 1 and/or Season 2 shopping spree would be the logical place to invest $80,000. For former Harvard University employee Shawn Bunn, all he really wanted was a bunch of LEGO sets and a fleet of iPads.

Bunn, who reportedly served as Harvard's computer lab manager for 17 years, is being accused of using his university-issued credit card to pay for approximately $80,000 worth of "personal items." Items of note discovered during a Harvard University Police raid of Bunn's home include "LEGO sets, televisions, a table saw, garbage disposal, and multiple iPads," according to InfoBlizzard.

“This is a breach of trust by a school employee," District Attorney Marian Ryan said in a statement. "Over a period of four years, the defendant is alleged to have made personal purchases in excess of $80,000 therefore diverting resources from the students and faculty of Harvard University.” Bunn is now equipped with a comfortable tracking device and is expected to appear in court again in October. In addition to the obvious charge of larceny, Bunn is also facing charges of "false entry in corporate books" and using forged documents.

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