You watch a movie as a way to escape from the real world for two hours. What better way to spice up the mundane activities of everyday life than with a pulse-racing, action-packed thriller film? The thriller genre offers a variety of picks for every film lover, and Netflix specifically has some great thriller options to watch and pick from, streaming right now. From psychological thriller films, to those that are more action heavy, the Netflix thriller category is guaranteed to have just the kind of story you're looking for. There are even some movies streaming that straddle the line between the thriller and horror genres, in case you can't pick between a thriller and a horror movie. No matter the type of story you like to watch, these Netflix selections are ready to keep you on the edge of your seat. Some incorporate elements of comedy, some offer their spin on a crime drama, and still others will appeal to horror fanatics. Get your adrenaline flowing with our list of the best thrillers streaming on Netflix right now.