Tina Knowles Calls Zendaya the 'Most Gracious, Beautiful Girl,' Says She Reminds Her of Beyoncé

The actress made a cameo in Beyoncé's 2016 visual album, 'Lemonade.'

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While supporting Zendaya at the Challengers premiere in Los Angeles, Ms. Tina Knowles told Variety that the actress was similar to her oldest daughter, Beyoncé.

Zendaya had ties to the Knowles family for nearly a decade, beginning when she made a cameo in the visual album for Beyoncé's 2016 album, Lemonade. Last year, the two were seated beside each other during Pharrell Williams' Louis Vuitton debut presentation in Paris, just months before Zendaya attended the Renaissance World Tour with Tom Holland. But according to Ms. Tina, Zendaya's been like family all this time.

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Beyoncé shouts “I love you Zendaya” at her Renaissance World Tour show in LA tonight! ❤️

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Zendaya and Tom Holland at Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour show in Inglewood. pic.twitter.com/z6VI1RFO54

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“I love Zendaya!” she told Variety. “The first time I saw her, I used to watch her in the Disney series with my grandson [Solange's son, Juelz Smith]  and she just reeked of stardom. She is just the most gracious, beautiful girl, and she reminds me of my daughter—she’s a Virgo like my daughter [Beyoncé]!”

Tina Knowles on watching Zendaya's evolution: "She is just the most gracious, beautiful girl, and she reminds me of my daughter — she's a Virgo like my daughter [Beyoncé]." pic.twitter.com/MMB1hrSVlO

— Variety (@Variety) April 17, 2024
Twitter: @Variety

Similarly, Zendaya gushed about Beyoncé in 2016 after filming Lemonade. "I was getting my hair braided and she came into my dressing room and was like, 'Hello. Thank you for being here,'" Zendaya told Seventeen. "I've never acted like such an idiot in my life. The fact that she came into my dressing room to say, 'Thank you'. Beyoncé did that?! What?! I had to tell my hairstylist, 'Please tell her that I'm not weird.'"

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