Hank Williams Jr.'s Son Claims He's Trapped in Conservatorship: 'I Want Out'

Sam Williams, the son of country singer Hank Williams Jr., took to social media this week to reveal his father and sister placed him in a conservatorship.

Hank Williams Jr. and his son Sam Williams

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Hank Williams Jr. and his son Sam Williams

Sam Williams, the youngest son of legendary country singer Hank Williams Jr., claims he is trapped in what he calls a conservatorship. 

Williams posted a since-deleted video to YouTube earlier this week in which he silently held up a series of signs explaining that his father and sister placed him in a conservatorship more than a year ago.

According to TMZ, the caption on the clip read, “I’ve been quiet a long time now. I want out of this, and I don’t mind people knowing. They took my grief process, my spirit, my money, my car, my home, and everything possible in order to ‘protect me.’ Well, I need protection from them.”

On Saturday, the 24-year-old singer took to Twitter to shed more light on his situation.

“Over 1.3 million American adults are in conservatorships or similar restrictive arrangements,” he wrote. “That’s roughly 1/300 American adults. Everyone’s life and story is different and I’d never seriously compare myself to a story as horrific as Britney Spears.”

Williams continued, “I’m seeing a lot of supportive tweets and I appreciate it so much but I want to make clear that I do not want to start some sort of campaign. I was in an uncomfortable position and made a decision to speak. Desperate times can call for desperate measures.”

With that being said, it is the same premise at hand. I'm not easily out-witted so trolls should stay at bay. I really don't want to talk about this more publicly; I'd like it to go away. Nevertheless thank you for the kind words..

— Sam Williams 💝🥲🎭👑 (@samwillivms) February 5, 2022

and I felt called to talk about it. Everyone has a different story and a different narrative quite frankly. I am doing well and just want out of an unfair situation. I love all of my family very much. Tysm for your support and please don't let it distract you from my music.

— Sam Williams 💝🥲🎭👑 (@samwillivms) February 5, 2022

The news arrives nearly three months after a Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge terminated Britney Spears’ 13-year conservatorship. The pop star’s conservatorship was put into place after her highly-publicized mental breakdown in 2008.

Her father, Jamie Spears, was appointed as co-conservator with Andrew Wallet, who resigned from the role in 2019. Bessemer Trust Co. was then added as a co-conservator with Jamie, who oversaw his daughter’s $60 million fortune up until September, when he was officially removed from the guardianship.

You can read everything you need to know about Britney’s conservatorship by heading here.

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