The Complex Guide to Fall TV

Everything you need to know about TV's most important season.

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Remember those sweet days of TV Guide? That time before the internet existed (and before Prestige TV existed, for that matter) when the only way to find out what was good on TV was to open that thin-papered, relatively small booklet and let that singular arbiter of taste shape your viewing decisions? No, you don't remember that? Ha, me neither—I was born in 1989. But regardless, there's something nice and refreshing about abandoning the fractiousness of the internet for a one-stop shopping experience that tells you everything you need to know.

And so, with the biggest time of the year for television—the fall—fast approaching, we decided to kick it old school and bring you a full guide to Fall TV. In here you'll get all the information you'll possibly need to make an informed decision when picking up your remote in the coming weeks: Is Supergirl washed? Do we really need a TV show based on Limitless? Which struggling over-the-hill actors are trying to make comebacks? And what really is a bastard executioner? There are more TV shows than ever right now, many of them actually worth watching—we just don't want you to get caught watching Angel From Hell

So dig in—leaf through Complex's Fall TV Guide (click on it to expand), reminisce about the good ol' days of TV watching (that you probably weren't even alive during), and figure out which stuff is worth your time during the last quarter of 2015.

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