Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes Say Marriage Is ‘On the Table’: ‘We Intend on Spending Our Lives Together'

A year after the former 'GMA3' co-hosts relationship scandal, the couple got candid on their latest podcast episode about their future together.

Sara Jaye / Getty Images for ABA

Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes might be ready to take their relationship to the next level.

The former GMA3 co-hosts were infamously removed from the show in January after going public with their alleged affair. The couple made their relationship “Instagram official” with the launch of their podcast last month, where they said "nothing is off limits."

On a new episode of Amy & T.J. published on Tuesday, the couple played a game of “Pop The Question” and answered their follower’s most burning questions.

At the top of the episode, Holmes revealed that he knew he was developing feelings for each other last summer when they were “very close to entering divorce proceedings,” but they hadn’t admitted it to each other at that point.

“I am sitting over here going, ‘Lord, this has been a great best friendship, I don’t need to screw this up by saying to her that there’s something I’m feeling for her beyond the friendship,’” said Holmes. “So we kind of tip-toed around it, I didn’t want to say anything, you didn’t want to say anything. But then as we proceeded through the last summer, things definitely changed and we started having conversations, I suppose.”

Robach recalled that she understood her feelings for Holmes when she started to dread the end of the work week.

She said, “We were spending so much time together at work and then we didn’t want it to end. I remember us both saying, ‘Aww, Fridays are a bummer’ because normally people are excited about Fridays, right? … And then Mondays were always like ‘ugh’ for most people and we were excited about Mondays. I think for me that’s when it started to feel different.”

Another surprising revelation made during Tuesday’s episode was that marriage is “on the table,” despite both of them being previously married twice.

“We did not enter this relationship for fun or for ‘Let’s see what happens.' We entered this relationship because we intend on spending our lives together,” said Robach, adding she couldn’t explain why she had a desire to put a “legal” button on themselves.

Holmes said he wanted to marry Robach, 50, because he’s tired of calling her his “girlfriend” at his age of 46. He also teased having a “tiny box” under the Christmas tree but quickly dismissed a surprise engagement, with Robach saying the gift is "not from Jared."

Earlier this month, Robach and Holmes had an awkward encounter with TikTok personality Harry Daniels while backstage at iHeartRadio’s Jingle Ball concert in New York City. Daniels opted to sing SZA’s "Kill Bill" for the couple, which includes lyrics like “I might kill my ex / Not the best idea / His new girlfriend’s next, how’d I get here?”

The ill-timed performance from Daniels came days after it was announced that Robach and Holmes’ exes, Andrew Shue and Marilee Fiebig, are allegedly dating each other, which left the podcast hosts reportedly “fuming.

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