Lil Rel Howery was tangled up in a complicated paternity battle that has him seeking full custody of his son. 

According to the documents obtained by TMZ, Lil Rel is asking the court to grant him sole custody of the 2-year-old son he has with LeChez Davis. Howery wants the child to leave his mother in Illinois and move in with him in California because he claims that Davis tried to scam him out of money through the baby. 

Per Howery, Davis told him that the child was his, the boy had his last name, and that she had divorced her husband. In reality, she was still married to her husband and she told her spouse he was the baby's father. Davis also put her husband's last name on the birth certificate, not Howery's. Davis was telling both of these men that they were the father and receiving voluntary financial support from the comedian.

Davis' plan started to unravel when Howery posted a picture of the child to his Instagram page. Rel claims someone got a hold of him after the post and informed him that Davis' husband is actually the child's father. This led Rel to take a paternity test in October that proved he was the biological father.

The former Rel star is now using the test results to seek sole custody of the child and the ability to make all parental decisions. This is done in hopes to keep the mother from using the baby in another "nefarious scheme replete with concealment, misrepresentations, and deception in an attempt to defraud." The judge has yet to make a decision.