Following the news that Sony and Marvel Studios would no longer be working on Spider-Man films together, Tom Holland has broken his silence with a small message to fans. Meanwhile, his dad Dominic Holland has called on Sony and Disney to settle the differences that led to the separation.

In a post on his blog titled "Stormy Waters," Dominic wrote that he knows "nothing about the impasse between Sony and Marvel." He's reportedly received requests for comments in the face of the drama, which has tortured fans all week. "My hunch is that the show will continue," Dominic added. He insisted he wasn't "taking any sides" in a second post titled "Fake news and for the record...," referring to "click bait" headlines rife with his speculation on the situation.

While the actor behind Peter Parker didn't comment on his impending departure from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he did potentially throw his support behind Spidey remaining a part of the Avengers—unless he was pointing out how he and Robert Downey Jr. have both exited the MCU. In a series of Instagram photos alongside RDJ, including one of them posing together with their characters' action figures, Holland wrote the caption, "We did it Mr. Stark!"

It's worth pointing out that Holland likely can't say anything solid about the situation due to contractual obligations.

The reactions were imminent, of course.

In other Tom Holland-Sony news, Deadline reports that director Dan Trachtenberg has exited the long-in-development adaption of PlayStation's Uncharted game franchise. The film, which will follow adventurer Nathan Drake just like the Naughty Dog-developed games, is set to star Holland in the lead role. As of right now, Sony is still reportedly gearing up to start shooting early next year.

Development of the film project first started in 2008 around a year after the first game in the series, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, first released. Tom Holland was brought onboard in 2017, but not until three directors had already exited. David O. Russell, Seth Gordon, and Shawn Levy have all been attached at some point in time. Earlier this year it was reported that Chris Hemsworth, Matthew McConaughey, Chris Pine, and Woody Harrelson were on the shortlist for Nathan Drake's father figure, Victor Sullivan.