A prisoner that Kim Kardashian helped free as part of her push for overall reform reports that things are going well for him. Paul Algarin has received job offers from many different fields and countries thanks to the attention put on his case by Kim's involvement, according to TMZ.

Algarin told the website that he's had offers to model, work in tattoo parlors, and help with prison reform. He said that he's received offers from as far as Nigeria following his release on April 19. 


Kardashian took a special interest in Algarin after he wrote to her from North Carolina's Central Prison. Algarin took a shot after hearing about Kardashian's work to reform sentencing and prisons in the US. She wrote back and Algarin was freed shortly thereafter. Kim reportedly receives hundreds of letters a week from prisoners hoping to be freed and has helped secure the release of 17 convicts via her work with the 90 Days of Freedom project.

Kardashian took it a step further by visiting Algarin at his home in Charlotte and connecting Algarin with a doctor who would help him remove his facial tattoos. Algarin's twin sister shared the news of the surprise visit. 

"Recently my twin was released from central prison where he served an accumulation of seven years," said Azaria Algarin in an Instagram post. "He asked me for Kim’s address so he could send her a letter and I rolled my eyes and never sent it. Eventually my mom sent it to him so he would stop harassing us."

Azaria went on to call Kim's visit as a "special day that I will forever cherish."