Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Visit Man Kim Helped Get Out of Prison

The couple flew to Charlotte, North Carolina to discuss how the man can get his life back on track.

kanye west kim kardashian new york

Image via Getty/Raymond Hall/GC Images

kanye west kim kardashian new york

It was recently revealed that Kim Kardashian and her legal team have helped free 17 inmates over the past three months. In addition to helping secure the freedom of people who commited low-level drug offenses, she also assists with helping the newly released get their lives back on track.

As pointed out by @TeamKanyeDaily, a Charlotte, North Carolina woman shared her story of Kim, and husband Kanye West, something she described as a "special day that I will forever cherish."

"Recently my twin was released from central prison where he served an accumulation of seven years," said Azaria Algarin in an Instagram post. "He asked me for Kim’s address so he could send her a letter and I rolled my eyes and never sent it. Eventually my mom sent it to him so he would stop harassing us."

She continued, saying, "Kim flew in to CLT with her doctor to have lunch with us and start the procedure of removing my brothers face tattoos." Algarin was shocked by the sudden visit, given Kim's busy life, including a soon-to-be-born child.

Since embarking on her philanthropic journey, Kim has received thousands of requests from inmates who seek freedom, and the letters seem to be nonstop. Earlier this month, she helped free a man named Jeffery in Miami, who served 22 years for a drug charge. Regarding the case, she said, "He served too much time but it gives me so much joy to fund this life saving work."

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